Breathe new life into your music
Music player software for Windows and Mac
MIXTRAX Software(free)

Give your music more magic
Music player app for iPhone and Android phones
MIXTRAX App(Paid App)

The perfect tunes,
picked by the app
Just select the first track,
and the app will automatically pick the rest.
It arranges your music by tempo or mood.

Smart Shuffle automatically selects songs with similar tempos or moods
Just pick one song to start, and the software will automatically sort the music in your library in order of similar tempos and moods.

Get just the juicy parts
Hear the parts of your songs you love most
with a playlist that picks out just the refrains.
It'll keep you on your feet the whole time.

Continuous play with just the parts that get you going (Mix Style)
Standard plays mostly the choruses of your music in a medley style,
Simple cuts off the intros and endings for smooth transitions,
and Active cuts songs short and links them with various effects.

  • Standard: Mostly the choruses
  • Simple: Without intros and endings
  • Active: Just the exciting parts

The perfect connections
BPMs (beats per minute) are matched to blend songs together in a mix.
Even songs of different tempos
are subtly adjusted for speed to go smoothly together.

Continuous play that matches tempos and BPMs (Beat Matching)
Even tracks with different tempos or BPMs (beats per minute) are automatically adjusted for smoother transitions between songs.

Customize your mix style
Your tunes are automatically grouped by style and tempo.
Just one touch will arrange them into the perfect mix
for you.

Mix Playlists let you choose your style of Non-Stop Mix
Playlists can group songs by the same artists or songs of the same tempo. You can also play non-stop mixes of songs in playlists you've made.

NOTIFICATION: [Recommend] playlist is avalable at Android app only. it's disappear at iPhone app.

Couldn't be easier
Simply import your iTunes library or
a music folder on your computer.
No tricky steps or advanced knowledge is required.


Download the free MIXTRAX player software for your home computer and view its manual.


Download the MIXTRAX app for your iPhone or Android phone to enjoy MIXTRAX anytime, anywhere.