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A new music player has arrived, bringing mixes with good vibes by selecting tunes from your favorite music library just like a real DJ performance!
MIXTRAX App Google Play

The MIXTRAX App automatically selects music from the iTunes library or audition tracks from the iTunes store in line with your preferred rules, and produces a personalized non-stop mix combining music and effects.


Non-Stop MIX
NonStop MIX
The MIXTRAX App is a music player designed for all music lovers.It does not require difficult operations,and you do not need to have a knowledge of music.The more music you have, the more enjoyable your mixes will be.
MIXTRAX App Google Play

Particular functions

This app has been realized thanks to Pioneer's technical expertise in the fields of sound equipment and DJ equipment. It automatically groups music by ascertaining its characteristics, which makes for natural track selection with automatic coordination to combine music with perfectly matched tempo or rhythm.

Non-Stop MIX Play Non Stop MIX
  • ・The MIXTRAX App analyzes music to ascertain its characteristics.
  • ・Automatically create playlists grouping music according to its characteristics.
  • ・Automatically select tracks that share similar characteristics (tempo/melody).
  • ・Mix with automatic matching of music tempo and beat.
  • ・Perform by adding various effects while mixing music.
Magic Mix Magic Mix
  • ・Audition tracks that are similar to the music currently being played can be found within the vast iTunes store, and playback can be seamlessly linked.
  • ・If you like a particular audition track, you can immediately put it into your cart for purchasing.

・By tapping the track that is currently being played, you can instantly switch between five different rules for automatic track selection in non-stop mix mode - "Artist, Genre, Tempo, Age, All" - to immediately respond to changes in mood.

Other settings

The order of tracks within a playlist can instantly be set to match the tempo or mood of the music you are listening to.

Smart Shuffle

Choose from three types of playback length for music being listened to in a non-stop mix.

MIX Style

Five original playlists can be used with the unique sorting function.

List of playlists

  • RecommendRecommend
  • SongsSongs
  • AlbumsAlbums
  • ArtistsArtists
  • GenresGenres
  • TempoTempo
  • YearsYears
  • iTunes playlistsiTunes playlists

List of recommended playlists

  • beatbeat : Songs with four-to-the-floor rhythm
  • chillchill : Songs with relaxed tempo and mood
  • thumpthump : Songs with strong beats
  • distortiondistortion : Songs featuring distorted guitar
  • highhigh : Generally uplifting songs

TwitterThe music you are listening to can easily be tweeted.

Music that does not

ring produces good vibrations at any time - whether listening for enjoyment or for relaxation. We hope that the MIXTRAX App will be your partner, enhancing your music life at all times.

MIXTRAX App Google Play

Cautions regarding use
* The MIXTRAX App shares information with people around the world. As the number of people using this App increases, information will be accumulated on the server and more trial songs will be recommended. * Magic Mix requires a network-connected environment. * If you have selected a country other than your own country, links to the iTunes Store may not work properly. * The MIXTRAX App does not feature Android support. * Trial songs from the iTunes Store are played in the MIXTRAX App for 30 seconds. * The MIXTRAX App cannot be used to edit playlists. * Music analysis information can be uploaded by using the MIXTRAX music management software (available free of charge) for Windows/Mac. In-App analysis time can be reduced by analyzing music in advance with the MIXTRAX Software. We recommend using the MIXTRAX Software when analyzing large amounts of music. * We recommend connecting your device to a charger before performing in-App music analysis. * Music cannot be analyzed as a background operation. * Copyright-protected music cannot be analyzed or played in non-stop mixes. * When using in connection with Pioneer's “AppRadio”, some of functions of the MIXTRAX App will not be available. * Mac, iTunes and iPod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. * Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. If you have any problems, click here to check the FAQ.